In various industrial processes, different types of filters are used. They are used for concluding different purposes. Strainer filters are those, which have been used for separating liquid from solid impurities. Strainers are mainly used when liquid is pumped from natural reservoirs or underground reservoirs. This is why oil and water pumping industry heavily needs high quality, durable and cost-effective strainers. The job of strainer is separating the liquid from the chunks of solids and small solid particles. It removes impure elements from the liquid, making the liquid ready to be used for different purposes. However, in some cases, liquids are needed to be filtered through further processes.

Mechanism of Strainers

Strainers are made with various membranes or screens, through liquid is allowed to pass. The screens will block solid particles, while allowing the liquid to pass through. This way filtered liquid can be attained, eliminating solid impurities. It has to be noted that strainers are not used for eliminating liquid impurities, as that has been done in various other ways through different other machineries. Primarily in industrial processes, liquids are needed to be separated from solid impurities so that the liquid can be made to use for various purposes. In oil mining and water filtering industries, strainers are used quite extensively.

Strainer Filters at FEIPL

Filtration Engineering or FEIPL offers high quality strainer filters for various industrial plants. We offer different types of products for different purposes. Our company has been considered as India’s leading company for manufacturing filter strainers. We have exclusive ranges of products to showcase for our customers, and we have always been known as the best service provider for industrial strainers. FEIPL boasts of having a large list of reputed customers. We even provide customized strainers to customers or clients so that their exact purposes can be served with accuracy.

Types of Strainers We Offer

FEIPL offer arrays of strainer filter products for the buyers. Different types of strainers that are manufactured by us are T-type, Y-type, Conical type, Basket type and temporary strainers. Different types have different applications in different industrial sectors. Let us have a quick look at the details of the type of strainers that we offer:

  • Y Type Strainer: This type of strainer has been used for coarse degree filtration. They normally come with wired mesh screens, and they are of casting or fabricated type. Y Type strainers have cylindrical filters.
  • T Type Strainer: T type strainer is a common type strainer filter. Vessel size of the strainer depends on the flow rate of the liquid. T type strainers generally come with stainless steel meshes.
  • Basket Strainers: This kind of strainer is more extensively used in various industrial plants. They come with either cylindrical or square housing unit.

Apart from these, other types of strainers that FEIPL offers are conical strainers and temporary strainers. As per the requirements, strainers and their mesh sizes can be customized. FEIPL aims to deliver cutting edge, durable and cost-effective products to the buyers, ensuring meeting the requirements or purposes of using strainers with precision.