Do you run an oil and gas, steel or power industry and you are in the dilemma of the company to patronize when it comes to buying the necessary materials needed for operations? Do not fret anymore. Filtration Engineers India Private Limited has all the answers to your challenges and is ready to offer and deliver high quality services and materials that are durable and reliable for use.

We are a CE and ISO certified manufacturers that deal in supply and export of different types of materials like industrial strainers and filters such as duplex basket filter. These materials are employed in industries such as oil and gas, steel, chemical, food industry, Refinery, petrochemical, fertilizer production, pharmaceutical and power. We are located in Asia,precisely India and we have an online presence through our website FEIPL. Our services are international and we touch most parts of the world.

Filtration Engineers India Private Limited has been in existence since 1994 and during this period, it has built its reputation to a level of certified and trusted manufacturer and supplier of different types of industrial strainers and filters. Our broad range of products includes fabricated Y-type strainer,cast Y-type strainer, industrial strainers, duplex basket filter,debris filters, cyclone separator, simplex filters, suction diffuser, cartridge filters, bag filters and air filters. Obtained from well-known manufacturers, these products are available in different sizes, shapes and types.

Due to our reliable services and supply of the efficient and long lasting products, our company has moved to a higher status in the manufacturing and exporting industry. Our importance to the world at large cannot be overemphasized because we are one of the major players that serves the majority of the giant industries and companies in the world. As a matter of fact, we are needed in virtually all areas of production.

When it comes to infrastructures, we have put in place a well-established structure of about 9000 square feet by 100 square feet. For a smooth running of the production process, we ensured that our infrastructure is well partitioned into different departments for maximum output. Of all the units put in place, the primary one is the manufacturing unit, which has sophisticated equipment and machines handled by professional technicians and engineers that are well trained in their various fields. To gain more expertise, our group of engineers are made to undergo further professional courses and training so as to add more value and flair to our services.

Before our products are dispatched to the public, they are inspected and tested using various parameters by different agencies, both in India and abroad to make sure they are safe and efficient for public use. To avoid any form of break in supply, a well-to do sized warehouse is put in place so that materials are readily available and supplies are made at the stipulated time to the designated location. Also, to serve our customers satisfactorily, we accept different methods of payments such as DD, cash and cheque. Our production capacity covers Europe, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. We also supply materials to our clients in any part of the world.