Industrial filters play an important role in factories and large businesses that require a robust and effective filtration profess. Effective filtration requires products that are easy to install, easy to replace if needed and robust enough to handle the environment.

Industrial strainers and filters are designed to eliminate contaminants from a liquid stream. These products need to be of the right size and made from the right materials to offer effective filtration. In addition, the filters must also be reliable in order to reduce the ongoing maintenance costs of a particular plant or factory.

Liquid filtration systems also need industrial strainers and filters that are customized to handle their specific requirements because no single kind of filter can fit every system and application. Therefore, it is essential to select your products well and find a reliable filter strainer supplier that can manufacture custom made industrial filters. Filtration Engineers (FEIPL) is one of the leading filter strainer suppliers and manufacturers in India. The filters manufactured by FEIPL can be designed to fit any application.

FEIPL was incorporated in 1994 as a designer and manufacturer of industrial strainers and filters. It caters for the needs of a wide variety of industries. FEIPL has a design team, which uses various kinds of software to design the filters based on the requirements of different customers. At FEIPL, we also have in house software for 3 dimensional modeling, flow simulation software to analyze pressure drop versus flow rate at the design stage. We also have simulation software for finite element analysis (FEA) and coded sheets which are produced while considering the various specifications and standards for determining the thickness and nozzle sizes among other specifications.

FEIPL aims to manufacture high quality industrial filters that meet each quality test. Our filters offer smooth operation. We seek to exceed the expectation of our customers by marketing the best products and offering timely delivery. Our mission is to meet the demands of every customer in terms of pricing and quality.

FEIPL is experienced in the production of industrial filters. We are able to design unique industrial filters that suit particular applications. We produce strainers, centrifugal filters and cartridge filters. They come in a variety of materials and sizes. We can also customize them to fit your unique needs.

There are two different kinds of strainers, self purging and inline. Inline filters are robust and stable. They provide effective protection for downstream equipment such as pumps and valves. Self purging filters, on the other hand can be cleaned without having to stop the flow of water or other liquid. This can save you valuable time.

Cartridge filters may be designed to carry many cartridges or one small cartridge depending on your needs. They come in housings of various materials and designs to provide a complete solution for all kinds of liquid filtration systems. Centrifugal filters are ideal for pre filtering liquid. They provide reliable and robust service.

The filters we manufacture are ideal for use in various industries. Due to the experience of our staff and the ability to anticipate the needs of our customers, we are able to produce filter strainers of the best quality. We have visited a number of installation sites for various industries and we are therefore aware of the problems that arise during maintenance and operation. Therefore, we can suggest better designs of strainers.