Strainers are usually perforated sieves ingeniously designed to filter particles of different sizes in pipeline systems. Strainers come in many sizes, shapes and types and are normally categorized into: T Type Strainers, Basket Type Strainers, Y Type Strainers and Conical Type or Temporary Strainers. Pipeline strainers can be made out of various materials based on their purpose, destination as well as the strain they will have to endure in the long run. The material which they are made of, as well as their technical specifications needs to meet the particular requirements of the pipe or manufacturing system they will be fitted on.

The Y Type Strainer is a Y shaped metallic pipe with a cylindrical filter inside. It is virtually a filter system that is most commonly built in the water, gas,  oil or in the fuel pipe system. This Y shaped filter is used to separate wide, solid particles from liquids and it is very resistant to both pressure and heat. A particularly great feature of this type of strainer is the  simplest and practical cleaning system it features. When the filter gets blocked, cleaning will be done from the bottom. This is where one can usually find a drain plug specially designed to remove any excessive accumulated dirt or sludge, without actually needing to remove the strainer itself. Choose the best Y Type Strainer for you by picking the suitable material, size,  and design based on exact and professional pressure and heat calculations. Being able to easily endure both extremely high pressure and sizzling high temperatures, Y Type Strainers are not only easy to fit but also durable and dependable mechanisms.

Because of their durability and convenience, as well as the multitude of industries and places they can be fitted in, Y Type strainers are extremely popular. Along with the increased popularity of this element, many Y Strainer Manufacturers have appeared. After the economic and outsourcing revolution that has marked the world, many of the best industry manufacturers moved to India in order to be able to continue to produce and deliver best quality products at low and highly competitive prices. Some of the best all time Y Type Strainer Manufacturers can now be found in India. One of them is Filteration Engineers.

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