Filtration Engineers INDIA (P) Ltd is one of the leading company when it comes to manufacturing, supplying and exporting of industrial products such as strainers and industrial filters. Our major clients are the oil and gas industries, food production industries, petrochemicals, steel companies, power industries, pharmaceutical, and lots more. With the high level of growth and development, we have experienced over the years, our products stand out as one of the best in the world with outstanding testimonials from our existing clients.If you have been in search of any of these industrial materials, do not look further again because you have come to the right place to get your needs met and delivered to you.

Among other products manufactured, Filtration Engineers India (P) Ltd are basket strainers manufacturers,which have been in play since over two decades and have experienced tremendous growth and development over the years. Our operational base is located in India, with our major clients located in different countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Europe and Malaysia. We also get our materials to clients in any location on the globe when a request is made.

Filtration Engineers India (P) Ltd is a certified manufacturing company involved in the delivery of industrial materials both locally and internationally. Our products comprise of industrial strainers (basket strainers) and all kinds of filters (simplex basket filter, duplex basket filter, etc). To make communication and delivery easier and more convenient for our customers, we have designed a flexible website FEIPL for smooth transactions and for any suggestions needed to be made by our clients.

Our company was founded in 1994 and got certified as an international organization in 2008. Over the years, we have enjoyed a flourishing business operation and have also experienced a significant quantum leap in terms of growth and diversification. Our products range from cartridge filters, suction diffuser, cyclone separator, air & bag filter, simplex filter, duplex filter, to fabricated and cast Y- type strainers. These products can be gotten in various shapes and sizes.

Filtration Engineers INDIA (P) Ltd has moved from one level to a higher level because of our prompt response to the demand of our customers and the production of materials efficient and durable in terms of use. We are rated as one of the top-notch companies in the world and we serve most of the big names around the world.

In terms of infrastructure, a massive building is built with different segments and departments. The manufacturing department is the most important unit of the company with complex equipment and sophisticated machines. We have a well-trained set of highly intelligent engineers that are professionals in their field of practice and they are made to undergo training that help boost the performance of the industry.

As a basket strainers industrial, after the production of materials, they are being tested by the relevant agencies to ascertain if they are suitable and good enough to be used by companies. We make payment flexible for our customers by introducing different means of payment like cheque, cash and DD.