A twin basket strainer or duplex filter is a kind of filter which is built into a water, oil or fuel piping system and it plays the role of removing large particles of debris and dirt. A duplex filter system often consists of two separate strainer baskets. A valve is placed between the baskets to divert the flow of liquid to one filter when the other one is being cleaned.

On some filters, the valve works automatically and the filter performs a self cleaning operation. These kinds of filters are installed on pipeline systems where it is impossible to stop the flow. Basket strainers are commonly used in industries where the impurities are often solids. They are much easier to maintain when compared to other strainers.

Duplex filters are usually used in various industries including the pulp and paper industry, the oil and gas industry, chemical industry, power industry, process industry, water and waste management and the pharmaceutical industry. They are also used in refineries, petrochemical plants and the fire fighting industry. These filters are used to get rid of hazardous elements that may cause complete or partial breakdown of operations if they got into the system.

In India, Filtration Engineers (FEIPL) is the leading supplier of duplex filters. FEIPL duplex filters offer years of trouble free service. They protect valuable equipment like pumps, flow meters and heat exchangers from potentially damaging particles.

At FEIPL, we can make various types of duplex filters. This includes a duplex filter with manual changeover of valve, a duplex filter with automatic change over of valve and manual self cleaning arrangement duplex filter with an automatic or manual changeover of the valve. We can also make an automatic self cleaning duplex filter with a manual or automatic changeover of the valve.

All the above filters are available with various types of valves such as twin 3 way valve design, butterfly valve design, sliding gate valve design and 6 way cam type valve design. We also manufacture multi basket filters with common headers.

Our duplex filters are made of various materials including stainless steel, carbon steel, haste alloy, Monel, Inconel duplex stainless steel, cast iron with fabricated or cast constructions with linings for various applications such as glass flake, rubber and ptfe among others.

Our filters are individually designed based on pressure drop and free flow area allowance values as required for various applications. We can provide these filters with wedge wire elements or wire mesh and perforated sheet as filtration media. Our filters are popular because of their single and multi basket designs, consistent flow, pressure equalization assembly and quick fit closures. They also have excellent qualities and features like:

  • Exit and intake in opposite direction and at the same level. This allows them to be easily installed in an existing pipeline.
  • They have a leak proof design with double tight sealing.
  • Online backwash and Monel baskets.

The filters can be applied in many industries including sea water filtration, lubricant oil fabrication, cooling water filtration and marine applications. Our duplex filters are engineered to perform in demanding industrial and commercial applications. If standard products do not work in your industry, we can fabricate and custom design a filter that will work for you excellently.