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We hold over two decades of experience with over ten industries successfully served. We serve as solution providers to our customers where we have customized filters and strainers to suit process conditions for extremely critical applications.

Filteration Engineers (FEIPL) is a manufacturer of industrial strainers. These products are designed to eradicate contaminants from pipelines. They can only provide effective filtration if they are made from the right materials, are of the right size and are reliable. Our company was incorporated in 1994 as a manufacturer and designer of industrial strainers and filters. Our commitment to offer high quality products at attractive prices fetched us the accolades of many clients. Encouraged by the support of our clients, we expanded our operations and begun manufacturing and supplying filters & strainers to various industries like the thermal, hydro, nuclear power, chemical, oil and gas, hydrocarbon, petrochemical, fertilizer and steel industry among others. We are one of the leading suppliers of premium water strainers and filters in India. Our products can match your requirements specifically for air and liquid filtration.

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+91 22 27608501 / 27693111