Pressure Sand Filters

Pressure sand filters are designed for higher flow rates per unit cross section area. These filters are designed with backwash arrangement which is done with the assistance of air blower and pump. We have supplied these filters for steel plants and power plants for filtration of raw intake water at suction side.

Pressure Sand Filters Available with Back Flushing option

Pressure sand filters are specially designed for higher flow rates per unit cross section area. Raw water flows downward first hits the fine bed of sand & pass through multiple grade layers of sand mixed in fixed proportion supported by gravels &pebbles , where suspended and turbid Particles are trapped, ensuring clean & clear water for process distribution. Pressure sand filter, consisting of 2 tanks placed side by side for continues operation. These filters are fitted with necessary piping work with manually operated valves, Pressure gauges, flow indicators, differential pressure indicator at points between inlets to out let flow path. Filters are designed with backwash arrangement.

Backwash arrangement is done with assistance of Air blower and pumps. During backwash, water flow upward from the bottom and is discharged to drain. These results in removal of impurities form the sand bed. For better result of back wash, an air is forced through with backwash flow. This forced air agitates sand bed, resulting in removal of free impurities