Self Cleaning Filter

Self Cleaning Filters are available in manual and automatic types. Our recommended filtration media for these type of filters is wedge wire element. Each of these filters are individually designed based on free flow area values depending on application, temperature and pressure.

Self Cleaning Filters Manual and Automatic

Manual Self Cleaning Filters

The liquid to be filtered enters through the inlet connection and passes through the specially engineered wedge wire element with the flow being from outside to inside. Solids larger than the selected micron spacing are either retained on the outside of the filter element or drop into the filter chamber sump. The filtered liquid then passes through the top of the element and flows out through the outlet connection.

As the filter element becomes progressively fouled by retained solids the differential pressure across the filter rises. Element is cleaned by rotating top handle by manually or by motor and scraper is provided on the surface of the filter element which scrapes out impurities deposited on the element. By three or four rotation, the element gets cleaned and impurities can be removed by opening drain valve from bottom. Suitable for large volume and fine filtration up to 30 microns available with single or multi elements in body CS, SS 304, 316, 316L or any other
alloy steel material.

Automatic Self Cleaning Filters

Liquid enters from the inlet, passes through the filter element and gets out of the outlet of the Filter Nozzle. Differential Pressure (DP)
Switch is provided across the Inlet and Outlet of Filter. When the Filter Element gets choked Pressure Drop across the filter increases. Normally maximum Differential Pressure for backwashing is set at 0.5 Kg/cm2. When the Differential Pressure reaches the set limit the DP Switch gives a signal to the Control Panel (CP) and the CP gives a signal to the Motor and Electrically or Pneumatically Actuated Drain Valve. The Motor connected to back 0 wash arm starts rotating 360 with 10 – 15 RPM; simultaneously the Motorized Drain Valve also gets opened to the atmosphere.

Backwash Arm is a hollow pipe and is connected directly to the Electrically Actuated Drain Valve. Whenever the open portion of the Backwash Arm comes in front of the Element a heavy Differential Pressure is created between the Backwash Arm and the Filter element. The water starts flowing in reverse direction from Filter Element towards Backwash Arm since the valve is open to the

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