Cartridge Filters

Cartridge filters can be supplied with various filter media like PP, PE, cellulose, glass fibre, ceramic, sintered, bronze, pleated elements etc. Cartridge filters can be supplied starting from 10 micron to as low as 0.01 micron depending on the application.

Cartridge Filters

The filter consists of housing with suitably designed element.  Vessel sizing is based on the required filtration area for the given flow rate and the maximum allowable pressure drop.  Various parameters like viscosity, density, degree of filtration determines the selection of a particular design of element.

Instrument Gas Filter consists of a simple cylindrical Cartridge, which rests inside the housing. The Cartridge are fixed into the candle holding plate by means of threading provided at the top cap of the Cartridge.

Inline/offline connections are provided depending upon the process requirement.  If required Pressure Gauges are provided at inlet/outlet nozzles to measure the pressure drop across the system.  Vessels are fabricated as per ASME Section VIII, Division A, Lifting lugs, handles, legs and other accessories are provided as per the required mechanical and process design conditions.

Cartridge filters are supplied upto 0.1 microns for liquid application and upto 0.01 microns for gas applications. Different materials available for the cartridges are cotton, cellulose, fibre glass, polyester, borosilicate glass fibre, ceramic, sintered SS, bronze. Housings are available in CS, SS, Alloy steel, PP, PFR and other plastic materials as per costumer requirements. All fabrication is done in accordance with ASME section VIII.

We have also supplied zeta potential electrostatically charged cartridges for impurities like cobalt separation from heavy water in nuclear power industry.