Filteration Engineers started their business in 1994 as designers and manufacturers of industrial filters and strainers. Over the years, they became one of the most important Basket Strainers Manufacturers in the world. They have successfully managed to deliver outstanding customer service and high standard products for various industries, with different quality requirements. The professional design team develops software for creating different and unique, customized Basket Strainers Industrial based on specific client requirements. Their Basket Type Strainer is successfully used under numerous important applications and in a variety of industries. Refineries, oil and gas systems, water treatment plants, power generation systems, chemical labs or steel industry, nothing are untouchable or too difficult for Filteration Engineers.

The company has its own software for 3D modeling, which they employ in the design stage to execute flow simulation as well as pressure drop vs flow rate complete evaluations. This way, the experts are able to anticipate the most unique of customers’ requirements and deliver the best results possible. The vast experience of the team also helps meet various client expectations. The Filteration Engineers team is also aware of most of the practical problems that may come up during operation and maintenance and thus is able to design and suggest the best strainers needed to avoid them.

Filteration Engineers India has great experience in the manufacturing process of high quality industrial filters. They are able to design the most unique industrial filters to meet and suit the most particular requirements. As one of the biggest Basket Type Strainer Manufacturers in India, their product portfolio includes many types of strainers (Y Type, Basket Type, Conical Type & Temporary). With 2 factories and a solid local as well as international presence, Filteration Engineers, is known as one of the best and most qualitative Basket or Bucket Type Strainers Manufacturers in India.

Strainers are devices specially created to retain the solid particles that flow through liquids or gases. Their purpose is to protect the equipment from the harmful effect of clogging, all while considerably reducing all costs related to downtime and maintenance. Basket Filter and Bucket Type Strainer are generally designed with cylindrical or square filters. Normally Simplex Basket Filters have higher filtration in comparison to Y, T and Temporary Strainers. The main feature of a double basket strainer is that it can operate continuously and never has to be shut down for cleaning or maintenance. And that’s because this kind of strainers uses two separate basket chambers, with integral valves to re-direct  and maintain a continuous flow. Self Cleaning Filters can be manual and/or automatic. Each of these filters is individually designed based on the temperature, and pressure it will have to withstand.

With over two and a half decades of experience and numerous industries successfully served with high quality products,  Filteration Engineers India is one of the most renown and respected providers of quality customized filters and strainers. So, if you are in need of a good strainer, shoot them an email or give them a call. You`ll be delighted to see what uncompromised quality and stellar customer service can look like.