Manufacturer of Y Type Strainers for Industrial use – FEIPL

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The production industrial units have continuous production demand issues and sometimes it’s not possible to get the manufacturing units or some parts to make the process faster. We at design and custom develop your products with our experienced and special teams that deliver the products based on your company requirements. We are a Y Strainer manufacturers and design and develop according to your requirements. We also deal in other production items along with Y Type Strainers. All our products are reasonable providing excellent quality and great working for longer period of time.

Y Type Strainer is used in different applications where it is required to remove the amount of solid in smaller quantities. These strainers don’t require frequent clean up and hence helps in continuous production. The Y Type strainers are used in gaseous services; the different services in gas unit are air, steam, nitrogen and natural gas. They are the compact and cylindrical shape of strainers. They are strong and can readily bear the high pressures; we provide better quality than any other because we make customized strainers that help our customers. Usually the Y strainers are very compact and they are in cylindrical shape that makes it strong. It is made with the purpose so that it can bear high pressures that are very common in this type of services.

The Y strainers has the particular advantage that it could be installed in different positions whether its horizontal or vertical position. Our engineers and designers take care to create the modest product but basics of the shape and material remain same. Only one has to be particular and know that the leg of the strainer must be on downside of the machine body so it becomes easier for entrapped solids to be held properly for the disposal. The Y Type Strainers have different features like they are used in heavy duty construction, they are bolted or threaded covers. They have sleek and compact design. They come along with a stainless steel screens that are suitable for liquid, gas and steam. It comes with synthetic fiber gaskets. The customers have options to select the size they want and it comes in perforated stainless steel screens for longevity.

We are in the business for over two decades providing clients the best customized solutions to meet their requirements. The Y strainers are no leak and they have no crush screen chambers. They have easy in and easy out screwed retainers. We deal in different varieties of filters and strainers. We deliver and cater in different industries with different requirements. Our quality is of high standard and that is the reason, our clientele is growing with expansion and reputation. Our in-house production and designing units personally visit the factories to start designing custom solutions for our valued clients. The flow simulation software helps in setting the right standards and specifications thus making customized products are great hit amongst our clients. We have economical rates as compared to other companies.