Various types of strainers are manufactured namely Y-Type, T-Type, Basket Type, Conical Type and Temporary Strainers. A filter element is housed inside a casing which filters solid particles from liquid or air. Filter elements are normally made up of wire mesh supported with a perforated sheet. Elements can be supplied for fine filtration up to 20 microns. Filter housing are available in fabricated, cast construction and different materials such as CI, CS, SS, Monel, Haste Alloy, PP, PVC, etc. Pressure rating from 150 lbs to 6000 lbs are available depending on the application.

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This strainers are used for coarse degree of filtration. The Y type Strainers are of casting or fabricated type. Casting / Fabricated Y type strainers consists of cylindrical filter element which are normally made out of wire mesh supported with perforated sheet. Read more.

The Strainer consists of housing with suitably designed element. Vessel sizing is based on the required filtration area for the given flow rate and the maximum allowable pressure drop. Read more.
Basket Filters and Strainers are normally designed with cylindrical or square housing construction having cylindrical  single element or concentric element or can have multi elements in one housing depending upon the filtration area. Normally Simplex Basket Filters have higher free flow area (filtration area) as compared to Y, T Type Strainers or Temporary Strainers. Read More.
These are pipeline strainers and have a very wide application across various industries. Read More.
This is an alternative name given to basket strainers and filters that have the same working principle but may slightly differ in construction.


Technical Specifications: Pipe line Strainers “Y” type and “T” type, Conical / Temporary Strainers, Pot Strainers.

Size Rating Material of Construction
15 NB to 1500 NB 150#, 300#, 900#, 1500#, 2500# Cast and Fabricated Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel