Y Type Strainers

This strainers are used for coarse degree of filtration. The Y type Strainers are of casting or fabricated type. Casting / Fabricated Y type strainers consists of cylindrical filter element which are normally made out of wire mesh supported with perforated sheet. Elements can be also supplied for fine filtration upto 20 microns. The filter element is sealed at the top and bottom by means of gasket. Whenever the filter element gets choked it is cleaned by removing the bottom cover which is either bolted or of threaded type. The bottom cover is provided with a drain plug, which is used to remove the sludge or the dirt that gets collected on the bottom of the strainer.

The strainer body is available in various fabricated / cast material like Cast Iron / Carbon Steel / SS 304 / SS 316, 316L Monel, Brass, Bronze, Polypropylene, PVC and FRP and elements in SS 304, 304L, SS 316, 316L, Monel, Brass P.P. or any other material depending on design specifications and requirement of customer. Sizes varies from ¼” to 2” BSP / NPT / SW connection.

Automatic Y type strainers

Filteration Engineers India Pvt. Ltd manufactures Automatic ‘Y’ Type Strainers which are normally used  in Coarse Filtration. The advantage of  these Strainers are that you do not have to remove Strainer Element for cleaning purpose, whenever Strainer Element gets choked up,  it cleans the Strainer  Element automatically.

Learn More About FEIPL’s Y Type Strainers

Y strainers are named after their shape and are designed to filter foreign matter from pipelines. They are usually used for coarse filtration. Y type strainers improve clearance in the medium and prolong the lifespan of the valves and protect costly meters, pumps and other equipment.

These strainers are suitable for filtering gas, water, air and petroleum among other fluids. Y strainers may be installed in either vertical or horizontal positions with the screen element pointing downward. This way, the strainer screen is able to collect material in the strainer at the screen’s lower point. Automatic Y strainers are also available. With these strainers, it is not necessary to remove the strainer element in order to clean it. FEIPL is one of the leading Y strainer manufacturers in India.