Simplex Basket Fitlers

Simplex Basket Filters are normally used for batch operations where the liquid flow may be interrupted periodically for cleaning purpose or other maintenance.

Simplex Basket Filters and Strainers are normally designed with cylindrical or square housing construction having cylindrical  single element or concentric element or can have multi elements in one housing depending upon the filtration area. Normally Simplex Basket Filters have higher free flow area (filtration area) as compared to Y, T Type Strainers or Temporary Strainers. Hence they can be used for longer duration of time without cleaning the filter element than other abovementioned Strainers or Filters.

Filtration area may vary from 3-16 times free floor area (Net Filtration area) depending upon the application. Basket Filters are available with inline or off set connections, normally for horizontal type lines.   However, for a special requirement, it can also be supplied in vertical type lines or different nozzle orientation depending upon the piping lay out by the customers.

Flow of fluid in this filter can be in to out or out to in across the filter element, depending upon the applications, customer’s preference and site conditions and cleaning and maintenance . In some of the applications, these Basket Filters are also supplied in pleated constructions for large surface area. The degree of filtration in these Basket Filters are normally selected from 100 Microns to 2 MM opening (Degree of Filtration). In some special applications  we have supplied these Basket Filters with as fine as 5 Microns degree of filtration, depending upon the requirements of the customers. These Basket Filters are available with standard designs in Fabricated or Cast material.

They normally have filter element for removal from top  for horizontal type pipe lines and removal from front for vertical pipe lines.   These Filters are normally cleaned manually but they can also be provided with backwash nozzle and with manual or motorised valve for some special requirement enabling customers to clean filters without removing filter element.

These Filters are available in different material of construction like Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, various Plastic material, Filter housing internally lined with various Rubber/PP/PVC/FRP/PTFE-FEP or any other epoxy  which may be required for different applications,  temperature and pressure.   They are also manufactured by us in various Alloy Steel and non ferrous material for various applications. These Filters and Strainers are commonly used in various Hydro Carbon, Petrochemical, Refineries, Chemicals, Fertilizers, Hydro Power, Nuclear Power, Thermal Power, Steel, Pharmaceutical, Water Treatment and other Industries  for separating of solid particles from liquid and gases.

The Various Industrial Strainers Offered By FEIPL

FEIPL is one of India’s leading manufacturers of industrial strainers. We provide a complete range of strainers for application in various industries. One of them is the basket strainer. Basket strainers are designed to be installed in horizontal lines and are often used in liquid service applications. In general, they are utilized where high flow capacity is needed. They are serviced by removing the cover in order to access the basket.

FEIPL also sells water basket strainers. Water strainer baskets are a critical competent of any water system. They protect the meter, pump or compressor and the traditional components downstream. We are a leading water filter strainer supplier. The filters can be used to filter sea water or fresh water.

At FEIPL, we also offer fuel oil filters strainers and lube oil filters strainers.  These strainers are vital components of oil systems. We also offer suction strainers, which provide dual protection to the pump inlet while eliminating the risk of pump cavitation. A suction strainer for pump acts as a particulate filter or strainer ahead of the pump in order to prevent large particles from getting into the pump.

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