Duplex Type Basket Filter

The filter unit comprises of two filter chambers, which are connected to each other by means of Three Way Ball Valve. The liquid to be filtered enters through the inlet connection and passes through the specially engineered wedge wire element with the flow being from outside to inside. Solids larger than the selected micron spacing are either retained on the outside of the filter element or drop into the filter chamber sump.

The filtered liquid then passes through the top of the element and flows out through the outlet connection. As the filter element becomes progressively fouled by retained solids the differential pressure across the filter rises.

Element is cleaned either by removing the element manually from the housing or alternatively we provide an arrangement wherein by rotating the top handle manually the provided connected scraper on the surface of the filter element rotates and scrapes out impurities deposited on the element. By three or four rotations the element gets cleaned and impurities can be removed by opening drain valve from bottom. The filter chamber which gets choked can be isolated by changing over the flow direction to the stand by filter chamber by rotating the Three Way Ball Valve.

Suitable for large volume and fine filtration upto 30 microns available with single or multi elements in Body carbon steel, SS 304, 316, 316L or any other alloy steel material.

Duplex Basket Filters are available in various types namely with 3 way ball valve, butterfly valve, gate valve, c port cam type valve and header type. All Duplex Basket Filters are also available with manual changeover and auto changeover of valve with the option of automatic or manual back wash if required. Please contact us for further information and detailed catalogues and brochures on any of these types of filters.

The Importance of Duplex Basket Strainers

Filteration Engineers offers a wide variety of duplex strainers. These strainers are utilized in applications where the flow of fluid, cannot be interrupted when the basket needs to be removed for cleaning. A duplex type strainer maintains a continuous flow by using two separate basket cleaners which have integral valves. These valves direct flow into one of the basket chambers.

FEIPL is one of the best duplex basket strainer manufacturers and suppliers in India. Our duplex basket filter is available in various materials of construction, sizes of connection, valve types, gasket composition and closure methods. If you need a duplex water filter or any other kind of duplex filter, please contact our sales department. We can provide you with detailed brochures and catalogues so that you can choose the duplex filter that will meet your needs.

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