Filteration Engineer one of the leading Centrifugal Separators Manufacturer in India

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For various industrial processes, various types of machineries are used. Cyclone separator is one of those. Cyclone separator is also known as sand separator, which means it separates sand or silica from water. When water is pumped from underground, they naturally come with a lot of impurities. Some impurities are soluble in water, while some are non-soluble. Bigger particles are generally separated from water using high quality strainers. Strainers have screens to block particles of different sizes. However, strainers are not enough to clean silicon particles from water. They are found in water even after the water passed through strainer filters.

To separate sand or silicon particles from water, use centrifugal separators is quite common. Standard centrifugal or cyclone separators generally come with 2 Kg/cm2 operating pressure. The mechanism of this kind of separator is based on the technology of centrifugal force. It creates centrifugal force or cyclonic force inside and separates water from sand by that. For proper functioning, positive operating pressure is important. For excellent performance, it is also important to buy high quality products that can provide quickest services without any glitches. If you are looking for such a cyclonic separator, then FEIPL is one of the best and reliable manufacturers for you.

Filteration Engineer or FEIPL offers excellent quality products that are designed following all standard industrial norms. The company has earned the reputation for producing excellent ranges of filters, strainers and separators, which can be used extensively in industrial processes. Being one of the leading manufacturers for centrifugal separators, we boast of the fact that we supply our products throughout India and even in abroad. Our products are purchased by various industrial plants, which deal with liquids, like water, oil, etc. Apart from that, several other industrial houses or plants have extensive uses of good quality cyclone separators.

Our cyclonic separators or sand separators come with industrial standardized design and mechanism. The liquid or water has been made to pass through the tangential entry, which allows water entering in cyclonic motion. Nevertheless, the inside vessel provides further thrust to the water flow so that cyclonic motion can be created with precision. As the motion increases, centrifugal force is generated at the higher rate, which allows the solid particles to settle at the bottom of the tank, making water free of the sands or silicon particles. At the bottom of the tank, a diverter plate has been placed. This plate is also known as the collection chamber for the dirt or sand particles.

The centrifugal separators that we design are purely static equipment, apart from its valve at the bottom. As there is no mechanical barrier, no maintenance cost has been required for using such equipments. We ensure delivering professionally and exquisitely designed products. The equipments are built with rust resisting durable quality alloys of metals. It also comes with drain valve, which can clear the dirt with precision. Thus, no manual efforts are required for cleaning the equipment either. FEIPL is the most trusted, renowned and cost-effective manufacturer for centrifugal separator. According to users’ requirements, in various cases we provide customized products to the buyers for their optimal performance.