FEIPL’s Automatic Self Cleaning Filters Are Not Only Guarantees A High Operating Safety, But Also Keeps Running Costs To The Minimum

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Keeping a plant or production line running smoothly is absolutely necessary and should not be a very difficult task these days, as technology provides many easy ways to ensure a constant production ratio. You don’t have to stop the machines and applications from doing what they do in order to perform minor maintenance work such as cleaning up a filter, for example. You can easily choose to install an Automatic Self Cleaning Filter for your system and you no longer have to worry about stopping production and pass deadlines for delivery.

Filteration Engineers is a company that is world renowned for designing and manufacturing of industrial filters and strainers. Since first entering the market over twenty years ago, in 1994, they have never stopped offering high standard services and products to different industries all over the world and neither have they stopped meeting all the expectations raised by the clients. FEIPL is known to be a company which is ready to face any challenge and offer its clients the customized filtration equipment they need in order to bring their business to the next level. Considering both the price and the quality, the company has earned over the years a solid base of loyal customers.

An Automatic Self Cleaning Filter, as the name suggests, is a device that removes all kind of impurities from liquid products, regardless their size. Considering that different industries use liquids with different densities, this type of filters was specially created to ensure the best filtration for systems or production lines that require a constant flow with no interruptions, not even during maintenance services. The process of filtration is easy with this kind of system as the liquid enters the body of the appliance and continues to flow through the elements. At some point. The fluid will meet a perforated element, known as wedge wire, which is actually as a collector of all types of residue. In order to clean this element, some companies stop production. FEIPL filters, however, can be cleaned up or changed without any disturbance to the flow, by simply rotating against the blade the elements which you can easily find. The particles collected are transported to the lower part of the filter where they can be removed. All industries consider this type of filters very useful as they not only guarantee a high operating safety, but also help keep the running costs to the minimum.

Due to the fact that the operation is faster and requires little maintenance, the Automatic Self Cleaning Filter is suitable for a continuous process and highly contaminated services. It is the process which the industry uses more often because of the high heat protection. In case of sewage, water treatment plants and/or the primary metal industry, they are very useful because the fluids go through a secondary straining prior to discharge, all while the power industry uses them because the straining pump seal water is included. This filter can reduce costs for repairs as well as equipment replacement. It can also improve efficiency when it comes to irrigation and pump houses. Improving the quality of the transported product, eliminating any possibility for the product contamination, avoiding delays or breaks in production due to contamination, reducing cost of production because no liquid will be leaked, the safety and health of the operators are guaranteed as no one will be exposed to the liquid for a limited period of time; these are all just a few of the reasons why these filters are used for transporting large volumes of liquid.