FEIPL’s Automatic Self Cleaning Filters Are Not Only Guarantees A High Operating Safety, But Also Keeps Running Costs To The Minimum

Keeping a plant or production line running smoothly is absolutely necessary and should not be a very difficult task these days, as technology provides many easy ways to ensure a constant production ratio. You don’t have to stop the machines and applications from doing what they do in order to perform minor maintenance work such as cleaning up a filter, for example…Read More

If you need World Standards Basket Type Strainer, Please Contact FEIPL

Today’s business world is run by the motto “time is money”. If for any reason you can’t take full advantage of the time and you must slow down production, your business will most likely lose money and position on the market. That is one of the reasons why reducing plant downtime for small maintenance work becomes an essential aspect of staying competitive and successful. Scale, rust, jointing compound, weld metal and other solids are some of the most frequent pipeline problems which many companies face..Read More

FEIPL’s Self Cleaning Filters are Suitable for large volume and fine filtration

The Self Cleaning Filter is used in production units especially the one that requires larger volumes. We, at www.feipl.com deal in all types of products that are used in production manufacturing units. The main benefit of using these are that they are self cleaning in line liquid filters. The self-cleaning filters are in greater demand today because they increase the production rates…Read More

Manufacturer of Y Type Strainers for Industrial use – FEIPL

The production industrial units have continuous production demand issues and sometimes it’s not possible to get the manufacturing units or some parts to make the process faster. We at www.feipl.com design and custom develop your products with our experienced and special teams that deliver the products based on your company requirements…Read More

Filteration Engineer one of the leading Centrifugal Separators Manufacturer in India

For various industrial processes, various types of machineries are used. Cyclone separator is one of those. Cyclone separator is also known as sand separator, which means it separates sand or silica from water…Read More

Strainer Filters – FEIPL Ensuring World Standards

In various industrial processes, different types of filters are used. They are used for concluding different purposes. Strainer filters are those, which have been used for separating liquid from solid impurities. Strainers are mainly used when liquid is pumped from natural reservoirs or underground reservoirs….Read More

Export quality Industrial Basket or Bucket Type Strainers Manufacturers in India – Filteration Engineers INDIA (P) Ltd

Filteration Engineers started their business in 1994 as designers and manufacturers of industrial filters and strainers. Over the years, they became one of the most important Basket Strainers Manufacturers in the world…Read More

Filteration Engineers Manufacturer’s Y Type Strainer in India

Strainers are usually perforated sieves ingeniously designed to filter particles of different sizes in pipeline systems. Strainers come in many sizes, shapes and types and are normally categorized into: T Type Strainers, Basket Type Strainers, Y Type Strainers and Conical Type or Temporary Strainers…Read More

Filtration Engineers Manufactures World Standard Duplex Filters

Do you run an oil and gas, steel or power industry and you are in the dilemma of the company to patronize when it comes to buying the necessary materials needed for operations? Do not fret anymore. Filtration Engineers India Private Limited has all the answers to your challenges and is ready to offer and deliver high quality services and materials that are durable and reliable for use…Read More


Industrial Basket Strainers Manufacturer – Filtration Engineers INDIA (P) Ltd

Filtration Engineers INDIA (P) Ltd is one of the leading company when it comes to manufacturing, supplying and exporting of industrial products such as strainers and industrial filters. Our major clients are the oil and gas industries, food production industries, petrochemicals, steel companies, power industries, pharmaceutical, and lots more…Read More


Leading Filter Strainer Supplier & Manufacturer in India – FEIPL

Industrial filters play an important role in factories and large businesses that require a robust and effective filtration profess. Effective filtration requires products that are easy to install, easy to replace if needed and robust enough to handle the environment…Read More


Ultimate Industrial Filtering Solutions – FEIPL’s Duplex Filter System

A twin basket strainer or duplex filter is a kind of filter which is built into a water, oil or fuel piping system and it plays the role of removing large particles of debris and dirt. A duplex filter system often consists of two separate strainer baskets…Read More