We hold two decades of experience with over ten industries successfully served. Our clients have used our high quality filters as part of their process and achieved supreme purity in products; we are proud to have consistently live up to our moto of exceeding our customer’s expectations.


Filteration Engineers was incorporated in 1994 as designers and manufacturers of industrial filters and strainers. We cater to various industries with different quality requirements and have delivered in the highest standards.

We have an in-house performance test rig for pressure drop vs flow rate testing for flow rates upto 150 m3/hr. We have a strong design team that deploys various software for designing the filter based on customer requirement. We have in house, software for 3D modelling, flow simulation software to evaluate pressure drop vs flow rate at the design stage itself, Simulation software for FEA (Finite Element Analysis) and coded sheets made considering various standards and specifications for deciding nozzle sizes, thicknesses, etc. Our filters are successfully working for various critical applications in various industries. We are able to deliver better as we can anticipate our customer requirements due to the vast experience of our team in the above applications. Our people having visited installation sites for various industries are aware of practical problems that come up during operation and maintenance and are hence able to design and suggest the better design.

Our Mission

Meet the everyday hurdles with customized filtration equipment and exceeding customer expectations by marketing only the best products and delivering on time. At FEIPL our mission is to meet demands with a custom solution that is also the best in the industry, with regards to  both quality and pricing.

Our Vision

To manufacture quality industrial filters to ensure the end products meet every quality test. We ensure purity in our process to start the chain of pure products thus leading to trouble free processes and smooth operations.

Our Values

"We pledge to deliver only the best solution to our customers. Why? Because we believe that our business should be built on reputation and not on profits"

"We don’t sell products off the rack, but consider it mandatory to talk to our customers & understand their applications providing a solution. "

"As much as we value our clients, we value our role as a one stop solution to all your filtration woes. We are always present to help our clients even years after our supplies are done."

"We believe in integrity, innovation and constant deliverance with consistence in quality. "

"For us the work begins when the work is over and that is what coins the FEIPL value system"

"We believe in setting achievable goals and fulfilling them. We believe in quick action, best solutions and personal supervision even after years the supply has been made. "

"We believe in making relations and not business"

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