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We hold over two decades of experience with over ten industries successfully served. We serve as solution providers to our customers where we have customized filters and strainers to suit process conditions for extremely critical applications.

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Did you know that?

  • We are over 20 years old
  • We have 2 factories
  • We are present in 20 locations in India
  • We use advanced simulation softwares for designing
  • Each filter is custom made
  • We are CE and IBR certified



Our Products

Some of our high precision engineering products, the perfect solution

Need Industrial Strainers?

Order them from Filteration Engineers (FEIPL)

FEIPL-LogoFilteration Engineers (FEIPL) is a manufacturer of industrial strainers. These products are designed to eradicate contaminants from pipelines. They can only provide effective filtration if they are made from the right materials, are of the right size and are reliable. Our company was incorporated in 1994 as a manufacturer and designer of industrial strainers and filters. Our commitment to offer high quality products at attractive prices fetched us the accolades of many clients. Encouraged by the support of our clients, we expanded our operations and begun manufacturing and supplying filters & strainers to various industries like the thermal, hydro, nuclear power, chemical, oil and gas, hydrocarbon, petrochemical, fertilizer and steel industry among others. We are one of the leading suppliers of premium water strainers and filters in India. Our products can match your requirements specifically for air and liquid filtration.

As a leading filter and strainer supplier, we manufacture various kinds of strainers such as T type, Y-type, Basket type and temporary or conical type strainers. They are available in different sizes and made from various materials. the materials of construction that we offer to clients like carbon steel, stainless steel, monel, haste alloy, Inconel, duplex stainless steel, cast iron, alloy steel, polypropylene (PP), plastic, PVC, NiAlBr (nickel – aluminium – bronze), CuNi (cupro – nickel), with fabricated or cast constructions with linings for various applications like ptfe, rubber, glass flake, epoxy for all our range of filters. Also we have options for elements for all filters as wedge wire / slotted tube, pleated elements, concentric baskets, multi baskets, elements with magnetic inserts, etc. Our strainers filters may be supplied with a perforated sheet with wire mesh or wedge wire element. FEIPL is a hands on company that strives to exceed the expectations of customers in terms of quality, service and competitiveness. Our staff has the expertise to offer solutions to complex process applications. You can count on Filteration Engineers as your single source of industrial filters, strainers, suction diffusers, cyclone separators and filteration media.

Our Clientele

We have served the most renowned names in the field of Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Petrochemicals, Refineries, Fertilizers & more.

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